Monday, February 24, 2020

Day 27-- at Sea

bumpity bumpity thruout the nite... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as we continue to sail NW ..  large waves --rollers-- swells- continue .. a cloudy sunrise greeted me up on the Lido Deck-aft before 0530am.. winds were up but 'in our face' coming out of the North at 32kts a bit higher than expected as we hugged and sailedalong  the Dominican Republic's north coast this early morning

after breakfast it was out back on the Lido Deck-aft for some fresh air and some 'rays' in our usual spot watching the Boobies-- BIRDS that is-- following the ship alongside diving on schools of flying fish on this first of two sea days..  winds slowed down a smidge ..the rolling still continued with large swells .. a beautiful nice sunny day at sea.. 79°

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Day 26-- St Thomas

arrival in St Thomas at the Havensight Cruise complex once again about a half hour earlier than planned which made for a 0643am non-sunrise-- the mountain and Paradise Point block the view unfortunately that one gets while making the approach from just offshore.. oh well.. pretty morning...

up up and away.. decided to pass on going to Honeymoon Beach on Water Island this time around and instead took the Cable Car Sky Ride across from the port up to Paradise Point for some neat views --and of course a photo-op or two.. a nice clear sunny blue skies day ..  80°

UPDATE 630pm... we've had super great weather on this 4 week cruise in the Caribbean.. left St Thomas at 530pm tonite.. Captain advised it'll be a bit bumpy starting at midnite tonite thru 6pm tomorrow.. we'll be sailing on our way NW toward Ft Lauderdale at the southern edge of a storm front.. only 20 kt  winds no rain but 20+ foot seas or 6-8 meters.. 'sporting' is the word..  the way I see it they'll be no lines in the Lido Boo-fay all day tomorrow.. hahahaha  :)

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Day 25-- Old San Juan, PR

the ship's clocks moved 1 hour ahead in the overnite to AST  for our next port --Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with arrival there at noon today..  kinda quiet with moi the only peep on the Sky Deck as most slept in with the time change--rookies!!  .. a 0653am Sunrise 79° and a few clouds .. looks like a sunny blue sky day is upon us once again... some 'wow' weather on this month long Caribbean cruise

arrival Old San Juan and docked at 1pm.. off the ship by 130pm.. a walk over to the 'old Old Town' to where the famous  Umbrella Street used to be..  the Umbrellas are gone thanx to the Cat 5 Hurricane of a couple of years ago.. replaced with a large PR Flag.. neat place.. it was hot hot hot 85° sunny and cookin'.. stopped for a Pina Colada that was originally started here in 1963 ..  nice peeps inside.. plaque outside..  great day :)